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A typical household consists of a man, his wife, his single and married sons with their wives and children, his unmarried daughters, and perhaps other relatives, such as a widowed or divorced mother or sister.

At the death of the father, each son ideally establishes his own household to begin the cycle again.

In traditional North African society, family patriarchs ruled as absolute masters over their extended families, and in Libya the institution seems to have survived somewhat more tenaciously than elsewhere in the area.

Despite the changes in urban and rural society brought about by the 1969 revolution, the revolutionary government has repeatedly stated that the family is the core of society.

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With the assistance Asian, thousands of single men are able to meet, flirt and date with some of the most exotic girls in the world.Individuals subordinated their personal interests to those of the family and considered themselves to be members of a group whose importance outweighed their own.Loyalty to family, clan, and tribe outweighed loyalty to a profession or class and inhibited the emergence of new leaders and a professional elite.Because of the centrality of family life, it is assumed that all persons will marry when they reach an appropriate age.Adult status is customarily bestowed only on married men and, frequently, only on fathers.

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